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Tips on How to Start the New Year on the Right Foot

by Roveen Anyango
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The celebrations of the New Year are no doubt some of the best celebrations that we have. It usually signifies doing away with the old and embracing the new. However, as we often find out once the celebrations are over, simply a flip of the calendar is not such a major change as anticipated.

But you can change that. Below are some tips to get you going in the New Year 2023 with the freshness it deserves.

Finish old tasks

No one wants to go into the new year with old tasks still weighing them down. Thus, in the early stages of this year, ensure that you complete tasks that carried over from 2022. Let the year 2023 begin on a clean slate. This of course does not include major tasks, such as building a house or creating a business. Still though, you can change your approach to such tasks if you need to.

Do a self-evaluation

A new year can simply mean staying on the same spot or reverting to old habits if you do not do a self-evaluation. Take a moment after your new year’s celebrations to do some introspection. What did you accomplish in 2022? What were your best memories of 2022? What were your failings in 2022?

Get down to that resolution

New Year’s resolutions have been getting a bad rap recently and for good reason. Many people often make these resolutions simply as habit, rather than actual goals that need work and time. However, there is no problem in making a new year resolution. Your new year resolution should be a vision statement that guides you on what you want or wish to accomplish.

What are your hopes for 2023? What new skills do you wish to learn this new year? What do you wish to accomplish this new year? All this will get you started on the right foot.

Reorganize your working or living space

This is not a necessity, but reorganizing your work or living space has been shown to improve your mood drastically. So, shortly after the new year dawns, begin to reorganize your personal space to create that sense of ‘newness’ that we seek with the new year.

The new year, like a brand new page, offers us endless possibilities, but we can only fulfil then when we act right, just like only sensible writing makes a new page complete.

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