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Tips on How to Succeed in Tech as a Woman

by Roveen Anyango
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Are you a woman that is just getting into tech? Does the thought of getting into the male-dominated space fill you with dread?

There is no doubt that we all want to succeed in our careers. But women getting into male-dominated space face especially more challenges than men. Women have a hard time not only getting into these industries but also, thriving and becoming successful.

So, how then, can you as a woman succeed in the tech world?

Have a support system

A major thing for women getting into male-dominated spaces is to always be on the lookout for one another. A support system makes a great difference for a woman in the tech world.

So, your support system could be your friends or spouses who help you take care of your duties outside work or colleagues who help you settle into your new job. The support system frees you up for you to pursue your career without any holdbacks, allowing you to fulfill your potential.

Show off your accomplishments

Many women have been taught to always play down their achievements, unless the achievements are family-oriented. Women who are proud of their accomplishments at work are often looked at as arrogant.

However, do not be afraid of showing your accomplishments. If you are great at coding, be proud of it and show your skills. Being proud of your skills makes it easier for your colleagues to notice you and respect you. When you couple this with leadership skills, you are better placed for promotion.


When you get into the tech industry, try to network as much as possible, and especially with other more established women. These women will give you a wider context about news, themes, or topics in the tech world, which further opens your eyes to the industry and improves your knowledge base.

If possible, you can find a mentor from one of these women, who could act as your guide as you settle into the industry.

Always remain aware of the biases

Sometimes, you might do everything but the outside world still is not ready for you. These are called implicit biases – a collection of stereotypes that have developed over time.

These biases include the belief that women cannot be good at tech. Thus, any corporate that believes this will not value its IT women. So, when you become aware of these biases, you can choose not to pursue your career at that company as your chances of succeeding there are minimal.

Many companies claim to be gender-sensitive, but if you see there are very few women in leadership positions in that company, and if the women in leadership positions are only there as ‘tokens’, you can leave and try your luck somewhere else.

Women have it rough in many industries, but with proper guidance, there is little doubt that they can achieve much more.

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