Tips on saving time at work

Work burn out is caused by various reasons including poor time management at work. You want to have a great work-life balance with reduced chances of burn out. This can be attained by proper time management techniques. Here are some tips on saving time at work.

Reducing the commute time

If it is possible, reduce your commute time. This could look like leaving the house earlier to beat traffic or leaving the house much latter when the traffic is low.

With the hybrid work model, if there is a possibility of working from home on some days, take it. That would mean elimination of the commute time on those days. Therefore, Reducing the commute time is a great tip on saving time at work. Moreover, you can use the commute time on other more productive activities.

Be fully engaged in work

While distractions can come from our phones, it could also come from a chatty colleague, unnecessary popups and notifications and additionally too much noise and movements in the office.

This could cause you to give divided attention to your work and reduce the ability to deliver within certain time limits. Being fully engaged in work will save you time. It will limit procrastination and increase the chances of you efficiently delivering on the tasks.

It helps to put away distractions and keeping your phone in your bag or in a separate room.

Planning your work to save time

Planning your work will allow you to map out your day and allocate time more effectively.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra

If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Save yourself from failure and procrastination by planning. You can consider planning for the next day on the previous day before sleeping. Nonetheless, you can plan in the morning before beginning your activities. Bottom line is plan.

Tidy your workspace

A cluttered work space equals a cluttered work space. One of the tips on saving time at work is having a tidy working area. A tidy organised space allows you to quickly find documents and things you may need.

On the other hand, an untidy space, psychologically fills your head. Additionally, it will take you time to setup and navigate throughout the day. A tidy workspace will save you time and also contribute positively to your mental health.

Besides, a tidy workspace will reduce the risk of accidents.

Take breaks to keep your energy levels high

Breaks are vital for productivity, focus and morale. Staying at your desk the whole day is counterproductive and detrimental to your health.

You are not a machine, to keep your energy levels high you need breaks. Take them, in the long run, they will save you rime. This is because breaks enhance creativity, help you to process and help to keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Take them!

Delegate & Learn to Say no

There is power in delegation. While there is the temptation of perfectionism and self-reliance, it helps to look beyond them. Delegating is a great tool on saving time because it allows you more time to focus on tasks that you are good at. Delegate as much as you can.

Further, learning to say no will save you time. Way and look at your plans against saying yes. Saying yes means more workload and it is avoidable by politely saying a no. While it may seem harsh, it benefits the individuals involved because then no one is carrying more than they can bare.

Have social media boundaries

Choose to have some boundaries that help you to concentrate on your work. It is easy to log in to your social accounts on your work laptop, but is it helpful with all the notifications and constant scrolling?

Social media takes a lot of your time, perhaps try one day to keep track of the time you spend scrolling on feeds upon feeds. You will realise that, that time would have rather been spent doing a meaningful task for your work. Choose wisely how you spend your work time.

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