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Tips to Avoid Burnout Heading as You Head Back to Work

by Roveen Anyango
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With the rest of the year ahead of us, there is no doubt that our high expectations and desire for improvements will see us apply pressure on ourselves to do better. This will result in burnout.

Be it in our jobs, our homes, our workouts, we want to give our best and get the best. But how do you do all that without burning yourself out?

Here is how you do it.

Practice good sleeping habits

While being busy means that you find little time to rest, rest is essential for you to continue being healthy and avoid burnout.

Establish a regular sleeping and waking up time so that you can have the maximum rest. Avoid using your smartphone in your bed so that you give yourself ease to fall asleep as soon as you are in bed. This way, you give your body its deserved rest and avoid stressing it further.


Make a point of exercising if your burnout is a result of working too much with no breaks. You can have mini-workouts and short and regular walks and runs.

Exercises not only keep you in an optimal physical state, but they also give you an emotional boost and help your mental well-being too.

Ease yourself into the routine

The holidays are over and we wish to hit the ground running and get to do things as fast and as soon as possible.

However, loading yourself with work over a short period can lead to you suffering burnout, especially coming from a long period of relaxation. Instead, make it a point to ease yourself into the work routine. Develop a strategy that gets you to be productive while also helping you settle into the routine without putting too much pressure on yourself. Also, take short, regular breaks in between tasks to recover.

This way, you reduce the risk of stressing yourself, which leads to burnout.

Eat well

We often neglect our diet, but food has a way of affecting our moods as it does affect the chemicals in our bodies.

Eating a balanced diet improves your sense of well-being as these foods reduce instances of mood fluctuations and also, improve your overall ability to focus. The different nutrients in the foods each serve different functions and thus, having them all on your plate helps your body function better and reduce its susceptibility to stress.

There is no reason to think that if you don’t hit the ground running early in the year, you won’t achieve your goals. Give yourself time.

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