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Unintentional Ways Leaders Sabotage their Projects

by Roveen Anyango
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If you are a leader, then chances are that you always want the best for the projects, businesses or companies you lead. This comes with very many things that you can and should do right.

However, beneath the surface, there are some things that you could be doing that are unconsciously sabotaging your projects. Below are some of these things you need to stop doing to succeed as a leader.

Being a perfectionist

Many pride themselves in being perfectionists, and that is fine. You always want to lead in ways that puts you and the project above average. However, obsessing over perfection is the fasted way to sabotage a project.

Not only will this leave you chasing after something that might not exists, you might create frictions between you and the people you are leading, further creating chances to hamstring the project. While you can be a demanding leader, rather than chase perfection, strive for excellence from everyone.

Thinking you know it all

Sure, you might be a very smart person, but having a know-it-all mindset where you refuse to consider opinions from outside can crumble a project. When you think you know it all, you stop taking criticism, no matter how constructive it is. You also do not try to develop new skills and do not evolve to be a better person. Closely related to this –

Not seeking advice from employees

Your employees work for you, but they are very much a part of the project as you are. There is no reason why they should only work and not have input in the projects that they are working on.

Failing to involve employees in decision-making creates conditions for dissatisfaction on their part, which can negatively impact performances.

Avoiding risks

Yes, you are going well and the project is on the right track, but as a leader, you always need to be on your toes. Taking risks is one of the biggest traits of a leader. When you do not take risks, you risk stalling your project or company.

As a leader, being aware of the unintentional ways you could be sabotaging a project is the best way to know how to lead better.

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