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Want to Experience Enduring Happiness? Here is What You Need

by Roveen Anyango
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Living is often an endless pursuit of happiness. Many times, we seek happiness in external things. Whether it be in other people, in material things or in animals. But what we actually get externally is pleasure. Happiness is often internal and here is how you can build on that.

Social connections

Sure, being happy is not found in other people, but depression and anxiety are often more likely to strike you if you lack interpersonal security.

Understand that the need for others is not for them to make you happy, but rather, to provide you with a sense of safety and support, all of which give you a sense of mental calmness, which is a foundation for long-term happiness.


The big cities are doing their best to take away this part from us, but long term happiness is born from the ability to empathize not just with others, but first and foremost with ourselves.

Compassion involves putting efforts into forgiving yourself, being empathetic to yourself and ultimately, this translates to you extending that grace to others. Giving selflessly, studies show, leads to more feelings of satisfaction and well-being. So, extend genuine grace to as many people as you can and watch happiness flow in your life endlessly.

Practice mindfulness

How many times do we get lost in our thoughts, in our smartphones or computer screens, and miss the world around us? How many times do we let our thoughts and feelings weigh us down?

As natural beings born from nature, living with a present mind relates to increased levels of happiness because it helps center your attention to that moment you are in. You get to experience, learn about and understand your thoughts and feelings, without being weighed down by them. This conscious understanding of who you are helps improve your overall mood as it helps you be in tune with your thoughts and feelings and how to control them. It also helps you appreciate the world around you a little more.

Meaning and purpose

Tell me, what feels significant in your life? What values, ideals, goals do you hold dear in your life?

Having a purpose gives your life meaning and it turn, helps keep you happy because it keeps you working towards something that you want, something that’s meaningful to you. This gives you something to look forward to, meaning that your overall outlook of life will be better.

A life without goals can feel tedious and stagnant, which creates the perfect conditions for depression and anxiety, all of which suck joy from your life.

So, remember, the pursuit for happiness does not lie in a single destination. Rather, it is the journey that makes the pursuit worthwhile.

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