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Want to Have More Fun in Your Life? Below are Three Simple Hacks for You

by Roveen Anyango
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We all often want a little fun in your lives to make living worth it. After all, the realization that you will die anyway becomes a foreboding realization when you have nothing interesting in your life.

So, below are three simple tips to make your life more fun and less serious.

Look out for laughter

No, I am not talking about simply looking around while bursting out with laughter at nothing, nor do I mean finding laughter in being mean to others or even to animals.

Rather, instead of simply sitting around and bemoaning your lack of sense of humor, find moments to laugh. Find joy in laughing when you need to. This improves the amount of fun in your life as you will constantly be on the lookout for moments that give you joy.

Don’t take everything too personal

We all never like being the butt of jokes, and it no doubt hurts when people make fun of you.

However, to live a more fun-filled life is understanding that no matter how good of a person you are, there are people who will project their insecurities upon you, and these come in the form of bad jokes and making fun of you.

Thus, to live a more fun life, let much of what people say about you go. Sure, it hurts, but when you cultivate a deep belief in yourself, learning not to take everything personal will leave you with more free room to have fun in your life.

Try out new stuff

I know it’s scary and I understand it also takes some level of privilege to have a lot of spare time to try out new things; but, if at any point in your life find yourself in a situation where you feel as though you want to do something new and exciting, and the circumstances allow it, then go ahead and do it.

Trying out new things improves your brain functioning, which makes you not only smarter, but also improves your level of happiness. Because one of the things that makes life fun is overcoming obstacles and trying out new stuff.

Thus, why so serious? Go out and have fun, because that is what makes life worth living.

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