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Ways to Improve Customer Experience

by Evalyne Ndanu
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No matter the size of your business, it is paramount to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Customer experience involves the perception of your brand by consumers and how they interact with it. For a competitive edge in business you need superb customer experience. Here are some ways to Improve Customer experience.

Know your customers

The number one way to improve customer experience is to know your customers. It is the basis of customer experience. Without this knowledge and insight, you may be climbing against the wrong wall.

Knowing your customers means you will understand who your target market it. What is their age group, what is their gender, in what geographical experience are they in.  Are they present on social platforms? What are their shopping habits?

Familiarising yourself with your customers will thus enable you to build better strategies around improving their experience.

know your customers

Customer feedback in real time

Feedback is one of the most important components when it comes to customer experience. Importantly, it will allow you a peek into the perception of the consumers of your brand.

One way you can obtain feedback is real time. When they make a purchase of your product or service, you can ask them on a range of 1-10 how the experience of purchase was and if they would recommend your brand to someone else.

Food delivery apps and most apps have perfected real time customer feedback. This is because, as soon as your food arrives, they ask about the experience with delivery time, the delivery person and the food. This allows businesses insight into what they are getting right or wrong. Harness customer feedback for

Great Customer support

Support is part and parcel of almost every business. It is better if your business has support available 24/7. This will ensure support can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

You can employ different support mechanisms, for example call support, voice support, message support and social media support. When users get stuck interacting with your product or service, they can get frustrated and lose confidence in your brand. That is why customer support is critical.

Rewards & discounts

On top of warranty and guarantees, you can apply the strategy of Rewards & discounts, especially to the loyal customers. A warranty offers the guarantee that the product will indeed meet its required functionality.  Essentially, if the product fails on its “integrity” then it becomes the responsibility of the producer.

Consumers are constantly on the look out for food deals, deals that will cushion their pockets. Be sure to provide this besides the warranty and guarantee.

Rewards, discounts, Sales and Loyalty rewards to the frequent consumer will ensure that the overall customer experience is improved.

Rewards & Discounts

Empower your employees

Another key way to improve customer experience if to empower your employees. McKinsey & Company suggested that for a business to make smarter decisions, the employees need to be empowered.

Without employees, there would be no one to serve your esteemed customers. Therefore, even as you emphasise on customers, employees cannot be left behind. They are the point of contact with your business.

When the employee is happy and satisfied, they will interact with consumers happily and readily. On the other hand, when  the employee is frustrated, they will unintentional or intentional mirror their frustrations on customers.

Using AI and Machine Learning

Using the latest technologies of AI and Machine Learning, to Improve customer experience. For AI, it includes using chatbots for your customer support. Chatbots are available throughout and they can solve most of the common problems that consumers experience.

Machine learning can help you to analyse data generated from customer feedback and support. Gaining insight, data, statistics and Analytics allows you to make better decisions regards support. Leveraging on such technologies will therefore improve customer experience.

AI and Machine learning also allows users to have self service. They are able to solve their problems and issues on their own without the need of a support agent.

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