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What to do if your year had a rough start

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Perhaps your year began on a ‘wrong’ footing. Could be loss of a job, depression, sickness or any sort of setback. Here is what to do if your year had a rough start.

1. Be gentle with yourself.

You are your biggest asset. In the midst of the chaos, you still remain to be your biggest asset. Cut yourself some slack on all the ‘wrong’ things happening. You did try at least. Probably there is nothing much you would have done anyway. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you may have made. Embrace yourself even for the trying moments.

2. Mourn but don’t Stay down for long.

It is all right to mourn and to feel bad that things aren’t where you envisioned them to be. Emotions are part of our human nature. They allow us to be human. Facing the bad things head on actually shows courage. On the contrary, Sweeping things under the carpet eventually makes the place messy and may lead to an outburst. Mourn but also Pick up yourself , dust yourself up and keep moving.


3. Take some time off to think and strategize.

We hear the term ‘busy’ many times. We all seem to be on the move, maybe on the run, doing lots of things. Just to be clear, being busy doesn’t equate productivity. Taking time to unplug and slow down is certainly something we all need. We should take time off not only when things are going wrong but also when things are going right. This allows us to ask questions, analyze, get feedback and make better decisions moving forward.

4. Remember the start doesn’t determine the end.

While the start may not be the best that you had hoped, all hope is not lost. The journey and the end destination will not be unpleasant because the start was unfavorable. There is still time for things to be beautiful and satisfactory once more. Keep the hope alive. There definitely is light at the end of tunnel. Do not give up!

Talk to someone

5. Talk to someone.

A problem shared is a problem half solved. Find someone, preferably a counselor that you can talk to. They well help to hear out the situation and walk you through the emotions and feelings. You can turn to a trusted friend or family member as well. If talking about is difficult, you could also write it down. Get a journal and pen down all that is going on. Writing is a great way of offloading and processing what is going on in our hearts and mind.

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