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Why is having a vision in life important?

by Evalyne Ndanu
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A vision describes the future. It creates a picture of what is to be expected that has not yet been achieved. You can have a life vision, a career vision, a business or employment vision other visions. It is of benefit that we then consider the importance of these visions. Here are some reasons why having a vision in life is important.

Vision attracts resources

A picture of what is expected is created when you write down a vision. This means that even if it is not the current reality, it indeed can be achieved. It is indeed an attainable vision.

Clearly stating the vision allows you to pitch correctly and to articulate what you need to realise your vision. It points to the present gaps between you and the vision and brings to perspective what can be done. The resources required to attain the vision are clear and can thus attract the right resources.

Without the vision, you are not aware of what you could possible require.

When you believe in your dream and your vision, then it begins to attract its own resources – Myles Munroe

Vision gives you direction

Vision in life gives you a destination. It points you in the direction that you are supposed to go. When you get into a vehicle and you do not know where you are headed to, it means any station could be your destination. In fact, you wouldn’t know whether it is the right on or not.

What vision does is give you a destination. It curves out the path that can be followed to arrive to the destination. A vision is a map pointing you in the right direction.


It helps set your priorities right including friends

Having vision is a great time management tool. It helps you picture the capacity that you could possibly need to attain the vision. This capacity may look like time put into it. Further, the documentation and pitching put into it.

Besides, With a clear vision, we can set smaller goals (smaller tasks and milestones) that will be checked off and that will bring you closer to your vision. In this way your priorities are set right and the path to choosing your friends is made easier because you are already grounded in what you wish to achieve.


It gives meaning to life

A vision is an anchor. It is a foundation. While many ask what is their life purpose? Looking deep within can help to answer this question and consequently allow you do develop a better vision, anchored on who you truly are.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

It will help overcome the hurdles of life because it gives hope that something that isn’t in our current reality is still achievable.

Helps in decision making

Some decisions are huge and it is tasking when we are in situations where we need to make them. We make decisions every single time, of the clothes to wear, the shopping to buy and even the music to listen to. Decisions are part of our every day life.

Decisions such as budgeting and spending that have the potential to impact our vision need to be made carefully. Where to live and relocate, where to focus your energy, these are decisions that can be anchored upon our vision. Decision making is thus made easier by the vision we have.

Vision inspires and motivation

When we have zero motivation, a vision is a source of inspiration and motivation. Because it is an anchor, helps to answer our “Why” and pushes us.

A vision is exciting and simulating. It ignites in us the right sparks. A source of energy is what a vision is. Tap into it for the extra required push.

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