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Why setting goals is important.

by Evalyne Ndanu

Many people have almost given up in setting goals. This however, doesn’t eliminate its importance. Perhaps addressing the question ‘Why goals’ will bring a clear perspective of its value. Here are some reasons why setting goals is important.

Creates a bigger picture.

Goals give us vision. They help us to formulate the bigger picture of our purpose. Consequently, Visualizing the bigger picture gives life to the goals that we set for ourselves. It makes sense to know what the bigger picture is to the extent that it empowers us to keep consistent in our undertakings. The bigger picture also becomes the motivating factor and fuel when required.


Gives Direction.

Setting goals is important because it gives us the direction. It’s like a compass pointing us to the direction to follow. Without them, we are really just wandering around. Living through life. They are that redirecting wheel and pointer in the right direction to our desired location.

To be able to measure progress.

The ability to measure the progress we are making is through goals. Looking at the them allows us to determine the achieved ones, the ones in progress, the ones that haven’t been achieved. Measuring progress is essential because it allows feedback. If you are measuring your progress against nothing, then you may be deceiving yourself.

measure progress

To remain motivated and focused.

With goals comes focus. They clarify what we need to do and achieve. They become our motivating factor and the anchor to our ‘Whys’. Knowing that you need to get something done keeps you alert and engaged. Especially if they really align to the core of who you are.

Helps in time prioritizing.

While we are in a ‘busy’ world where everything and everyone seems to be in hurry, goals help us to manage our time better. Especially because they are time-bound and consequently create the need for us create space for them. This eventually allows us to be better time managers.

Improves productivity.

Becoming aware of the things that you need to do and setting goals towards them improves productivity. This is important as it allows us to be conscious of our capacity and productiveness. Goal setting stimulates the brain towards success.

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