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Don’ts of Using ChatGPT for Content Generation

by Roveen Anyango
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ChatGPT has become an important asset to our lives, despite the AI bot being less than a year old. The AI has become a place from which you can get a wide variety of information and such.

However, as a fairly recent invention, the ethical uses of ChatGPT are still not understood by many people. Below we look at some things you should never do with ChatGPT as a content creator.

Publishing ChatGPT content as your own

While there have been articles written by AI, often times, these articles will be labelled as such. They will often be published as a study to how effective it is at replicating human writing. What is not acceptable though, is using ChatGPT content as your own.

When you copy paste content from ChatGPT, you risk putting out content that is inaccurate, have much errors and is simply unethical.

Inputting personal data or information

ChatGPT is a great place to find new information. However, what it is not is a safe place to reveal confidential information. Hacking remains a possibility no matter how safe it is, and thus, you shouldn’t put your information on the bot for any reason whatsoever.

Additionally, considering the fact that information input to ChatGPT is used to improve the software and is, thus, viewed on its servers, the chances are very high that someone else will have access to your information even without hacking the system.

Using it for mathematical/logical questions

ChatGPT is useful in many things but it still is not advanced enough to accurately answer logical or mathematical questions. While the bot can and does perform basic arithmetic operations, it struggles with answering questions with higher complexity and need for deductive reasoning.

So, even if you do use ChatGPT for such questions, never use the material before cross-checking thoroughly.

While useful, ensure that you desist from viewing ChatGPT as a solution to all problems. Use ChatGPT as an addition rather than the main source of information.

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