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Join the Movement: Empowering African Women in Technology

by Roveen Anyango
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Are you passionate about technology and innovation? Are you seeking a place where you can find your community and mentorship?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then join us in creating a powerful community that celebrates diversity and drive impact across Africa and beyond.

Here at AWIT, Our Mission is to foster collaboration, share insights, and empower each other in this ever-evolving tech landscape. From seasoned professionals to aspiring talents, this space is for YOU!

When you join our movement, you will gain:

  • Knowledge exchange
  • Mentorship & support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Skill development
  • Empowerment & inspiration

When you join our group of vibrant African women, you gain access to opportunities to improve yourself, including:

Free Courses by Goldman Sachs

You will gain access to free courses that will help you in your field. Currently on offer are free courses by Goldman Sachs.

The American financial service provider offers free courses to 10,000 women across Africa interested in leveling up their entrepreneurial skills.

You can also become part of our drive to empower women across Africa through donations.

Open Donation

Our Tech Heritage campaign aims to celebrate the unique perspective that African women bring to technology.

Thus, your donations play a crucial role in helping AWIT reach as many women across Africa and beyond as possible. These donations allow us to give opportunities to women who would otherwise not have access to them.

Your donations also help preserve their rich heritage while embracing the future of technology.

So, join us as we innovate with respect for the past and excitement for the future! Simply follow this link and become one of our donors.

So, if all of this sounds great, join us and become part of a supportive environment that values inclusivity, learning, and professional growth. Follow this WhatsApp link to become part of our community.

Let’s break barriers and thrive together in tech!

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