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How to Block Instagram from Accessing and Tracking Your Web Activity

by Roveen Anyango
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If you are a regular Instagram user, you know the app often has access to your web activities. This is to check your interests and then feed you content on Instagram that aligns with it – or feed you adverts aligned with your interests.

This is why, whenever you buy a product online from Google, you often will get advertisements for that exact product on Instagram shortly after that.

However, there is now a way for you to stop Instagram from collecting information about other websites and apps you visit.

Enter Activity Off-Meta technologies.

What it Activity Off-Meta technologies?

Previously available only on Facebook, Activity Off-Meta Technologies is a tool that lets you manage the flow of information from other sites and businesses to your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

When you activate this feature, it allows you to stop Instagram from monitoring your online activity.

Furthermore, Instagram users can also view the list of businesses that share their data with Meta. You then can disconnect or erase the information accumulated as you see fit.

The feature is from Meta, the company that owns Instagram and aims to give Instagram users much more control in how the app gathers their data as part of Meta’s data protection efforts.

How to activate Activity Off-Meta Technologies

To access this new feature, head to Instagram’s Settings and Privacy, then to Accounts Center.

Then click on Your information and permissions. There, you will see Your activities off Meta technologies. Click on it and then choose your preferred setting. You can Disconnect specific activity, meaning you can select which sites you don’t want Instagram to monitor, Clear previous activity, which will disconnect your web history from your IG and Facebook accounts, and you can Manage future activity.

However, note that this will not stop the websites from sending your data to Meta.

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