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Leveraging Technology In Digital Marketing

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Adapting your business and marketing strategies to the ever-changing minefield of digital challenges is challenging. Many of us don’t need lectures on the importance of digital marketing. However, how can you use the internet to create organic flows of new customers and increase your brand visibility, especially when there’s so much competition out there?

The internet may have opened up an avenue to millions of new customers. Still, if you don’t know how to use the latest technology to at least stay on par with other competitors in your field, then you could find yourself falling behind. Leveraging technology can come in many forms, but the main area we’ll be focusing on today revolves around specific examples: social media, AI, and structured strategies that will help you reach as much of your digital target audience as possible.

Industries That Have Implemented New Tech Changes

While it can depend significantly on the type of industry you are in, one universal way people look to get ahead in digital marketing is by identifying trends and mirroring their advertising approach accordingly.

Online casinos are a great example of a business model that reshaped itself to cater to the growing demand that appeared online in the early part of this century. However, as smartphones and mobile apps started to dominate every facet of our lives, casinos again moved with the times, with many of them identifying this as the next big niche.

Casino games like poker, which revolve extensively around land-based elements like bluffing and psyching out your opponent, initially felt that the gaming mechanics were insufficient to become an online success. However, as far back as the 1980s, video poker’s immense success showed a significant market for those looking to play other versions of the game.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to play it, and while land-based poker still exists, the market for those looking to play video poker online hasn’t dwindled at all. In fact, the age of mobile gaming has meant that there’s been a growing market for those looking to play video poker, and casino companies have leveraged this growing market to effectively target those players with specific bonuses and promotions that hone in on this specific element of iGaming.

Social Media, Scheduled Posts & Artificial Intelligence

A social media presence is essential for any business looking to make a name for itself in 2024. While people offer all sorts of tips on establishing and growing your social media presence online, simply having a social media brand and presence and being visible is the bare minimum.

Those brands that can get ahead online are the ones that can identify the trends that are coming. Many businesses use AI to generate scripts for their businesses and develop advertising ideas. This model wasn’t in use until late 2022. Still, even now, a lot of businesses are doing it, following the explosion and awareness people have in generative AI, predominantly down to the rise of ChatGPT.

We’re not saying to leverage this technology for your business, but people combine this AI-led technological development as part of their advertising business. Subsequently, this frees up the time to focus on other aspects of the business or future marketing ideas. So long as you do the sign-off and okay the adverts and ideas, you can leverage scheduled posts at key times of the day when you don’t need to be logged into your social media account to advertise to your prospective client base.

Final Say

When you’re operating in a global market, timing can play a pivotal role. Being early and using the right tools is another way to leverage the newest technology to expand your business. If you want to put together an inventive business plan that targets the right audience and is early and ahead of the competition, finding the tech that will help you do this is a non-stop battle.

We understand that the final part of this advice is by far the most challenging to implement, and it’s not done easily—but even companies that arrived late to the party, so to speak, were able to get ahead of their competition. The rise of Facebook attests to this; other sites like MySpace were far more popular and had a colossal user base when Zuckerburg decided to launch Facebook in 2004.

However, they slowly started to make headway by capitalizing on clever advertising, making the right moves, and understanding how to leverage technology to appeal to their target market.

Although MySpace definitely could have done better and allowed itself to slip and get caught, it just shows that you don’t always have to be first with the idea of getting to the top of the industry. Companies that can identify this and move with the tech, whether it’s mobile apps, AI, or other areas such as VR, can help themselves stand out.

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