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Welcome to the African Women in Tech Mentorship Program for 2018. This program is made for two classes of women in technology – the Professionals: those building careers in companies and fields across the tech space and the Entrepreneurs: those building startups and companies from scratch in industries across the tech space.

The tech industry across the world is evolving at a fast pace. And for women, who are just now taking their place and having a voice in the space, it is more crucial than ever that we find more experienced versions of ourselves to show the way and remind us that our dreams can be achieved.

Are you a young or aspiring female professional or entrepreneur in the tech space across Africa? Do you want to receive guidance, tips, encouragement and resources to get you started right? Our mentors have been carefully chosen from various age groups and sectors in technology and are willing to guide you on your journey. They will:

Positive Choices

Help you produce good results and make positive choices in your career or business

New Ideas

Introduce new ideas to fast track your journey and promote high self-esteem

Grow & Navigate

Grow and navigate the terrain of being a successful woman in technology here in Africa

African Women In Tech Mentorship Mobile App

Networking, Mentoring and Learning is instantly accessible with AWIT apps. African Women in Technology event series, a product of IBOM LLC, was born out of a desire to connect, educate and empower women who are determined to advance their tech careers. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and a safe space for women to grow and lead in the tech space.

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