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Social Media Campaigning at AWIT

by Roveen Anyango
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As you may already know, AWIT is and has always been committed to helping women establish themselves in tech and the business industry.

Through conferences, events and providing scholarship and mentorship opportunities for women, we aim to help women find their place in the world of careers.

Today, we share a different avenue for you out there.

Through our social media campaign, #AWITBuilding, we aim to showcase African women’s impactful projects and initiatives in technology, highlighting their contributions to innovation, empowerment, and community development through a questionnaire and short video clips.

So, if you are a woman who his using tech to innovate, empower and develop your community, then read on, because this article is for you.

Campaign Components

Before joining the #AWITBuilding campaign, check out this questionnaire and share details about the projects that you are working on. Share information on the project’s purpose, impact, challenges faced and future goals.

Makes sure to provide links to your projects, websites and social media profiles for added information to ensure that anyone who wants to learn more about your projects or engage more with them can easily do so. You can also include demo videos for your project and GitHub repositories.

Additionally, after filling the questionnaire, ensure that when sending the questionnaire, accompany it with a short video clip introducing yourself and your product. Briefly describe your background, the inspiration behind your project and its significance in the tech industry.

Ensure that your video clips offer clarity, authenticity and enthusiasm for your project and desire to get heard on this campaign.

Through this campaign, AWIT will help your work and projects reach a wider audience of African women in tech. Through #AWITBuilding, you will be able to break new ground in your audience, and we will provide you with a network that you will need to contribute to building your brand.

Additionally, through AWIT, you will get a sense of community and collaboration, where you will also engage with other people’s projects, provide feedback, and offer support as you receive it.

Once again, if you are an African woman in tech, we are calling on you to share your latest project with us by completing our questionnaire and submitting a short video introduction. Let us showcase your work and other incredible work done by women in tech.

So, what are you building? Have you developed an exciting tech solution or project? Tell us about it, and we will spread the word for you!

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