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The Power of Perspective: How to Change How You Look at Things

by Roveen Anyango
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Many of our thoughts, feelings and in turn, actions are shaped by our perspectives. Many of us then, are often not aware of it, but the reason we end up in negative cycles will often be down to our perspectives. Looking at everything under a negative spotlight means that your thoughts, feelings action will be negative. However, having the ability to shift and change your vantage point gives you a great amount of control over how you react to situations.

So, how do you shift your perspective?

Notice who you are

The first step toward learning how to change your perspective is being able to first recognize where you are now; What are you doing? How do you feel? What are your thoughts in your current situation?

It will be hard to change your perspective if you aren’t aware of the perspective you already have. When you develop self-awareness, you take note of the perspectives that are holding you back.

Take a step back to see the bigger picture

More often than not, our perspective is often beholden to a very narrow view of what is happening around us and that could be why we do not overcome the challenges we face. Once you have become aware of your perspective, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Broadening your view on a situation is the best way to learn how to change how you view it. For example, if you fail at something, rather than putting it down to simply your incompetence, think of how external factors could have played a part in it.

Beware of the opposite

Our narrow perspective often means that we only recognize what is in front of us. However, the reality is that there is a duality in everything. As a coin has two sides, so too do most situations we encounter.

So, whenever you encounter a bad situation, try to think of the opposite of that situation. For example, if you get rejected by someone you love, even though it hurts, another way to look at it is that that was not the right person for you and that a better partner will come in the future.

Our perspectives are what make us do the things we do and thus, if you want to overcome challenges anywhere, always be willing to observe beyond the obvious.

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