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How to Create Portraits Using AI

by Roveen Anyango
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AI has become and continues to be a very useful tool in our world today. I do not believe that any of us who frequently use modern day tech has never used AI for any purpose, even if it’s just once.

But one of the most popular ways to use AI is creation of images. AI is widely used to create pictures, saving people time and money.

Below, we look at a general step-by-step guide on how to use any AI image generator to create an image.

Choose Your Platform

There are different AI platforms that you can now use to generate images. Each of these platforms has unique features and styles. Some will have flashy features of very complex algorithms, other might be excellent in landscape and nature while others might be great in human faces.

Choose one according to your desires.

Upload a Reference Image

Once you have chosen your platform, then next step is uploading a photography you want to turn into your AI Portrait. These could be selfies, profile pictures or any other image you can legally use. Stay clear of images that need too much hand rendering.

Ensure the photos are of good quality. High-res photos will give you the best results. The photos should also be well-lit and clear.

Choose the Style

AI image generators will often give you a variety of artistic styles to choose from, from classic painting styles to more modern looks. Some might even give you a choice to make the photo more abstract in styling.

Write a Prompt

AI is nothing without a script to tell it what you want it to do with the image. The prompt is the directions that you give to the AI to direct it on the kind of artwork you want to create. You need to give it prompt in style, color pallet, background among other things.


Once the above process is done, click on Generate. The AI will then process the photo according to your prompt. Once done, you can edit it and refine it as you please.

Download or Share

You can then choose to share the image or simply download it to your device for later use.

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