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Women in Tech SEO: For The Women Working in SEO

by Roveen Anyango
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Search engine optimization has become a very important part of the online world. To get better ranking on Google, you simply need to get your SEO right.

For women looking to get into SEO in the tech world then, WTS Mentorship program is here for you. The WTS is aimed to mentor women who work in the SEO field, looking to empower the mentor and mentee so that they then share the empowerment with each other.

“This program is all about Women Mentoring Women,” Says WTS on their website, “This is the value that this community has been built on from the very beginning.”

What WTS Does

WTS is a strictly mentorship program which mostly focuses on developing your soft skills such as Career Development, Strategy, Leadership and more. So, it is not a training program in which you can go to learn technical skills but rather, a boost on your soft skills.

The program has been running for the past three years. During this time, the program has been able to match over 400 mentors and mentees.

How WTS runs

WTS runs their mentorship program for 2 months with dedicated onboarding and training week before the first week of mentorship. Each program will have a maximum of 50 mentors and mentees and the recommended time to spend between mentor and mentee is 2-4 months, with at least 2-4 hours monthly connection between mentor and mentee.

How to Join

WTS is a free global mentorship initiative and you can fill this form to become either a mentor or mentee (you cannot become both).

Once accepted, the organization will then do a 1-1 matchmaking based on your responses and match each mentor with a mentee.

After application, you might have to wait for a while as there is a high demand on the organization at the moment.

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