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4 Understated Leadership Qualities You Need

by Roveen Anyango
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Many articles tell us qualities of leadership and often, qualities such as tenacity, determination, and strong-willed often pop up. And not that these qualities are wrong. Far from it. They are essential qualities for leadership.

However, there are other crucial yet often understated qualities that you need to possess as a leader. These qualities include:

1.    Empathy

Good leaders will often need to be empathetic if they want to retain the respect and adoration of the people they lead. Empathy refers to the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes and look at things from their perspective.

As a leader with empathy, you will become less likely to burden your subordinates with work because you listen to them and make an effort to understand what they are going through, both professionally and personally.

2.   Flexibility

How many times have we come across people who lead who are rigid and set in their way that they cannot accept any opinion contrary to their own? Many leaders believe they are always right and that their way is the only way and this can make them hard to work for.

Now, as a leader, you need to be principled and stand your ground when you need to. However, also have it in you to change your perspective when new information comes around or when someone else makes a more sensible point than you. That’s how you get the team behind you.

3.   Sense of humor

While as a leader, you need to keep the team focused on the task, it doesn’t hurt to crack jokes occasionally, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the work. Having a sense of humor doesn’t mean becoming the joker and turning everything into a joke. Rather, it means acknowledging funny moments from time to time. And if members of your team are comfortable enough to crack jokes around you, as long as it doesn’t interfere with work, let them do it. However, ensure that they do not cross boundaries they shouldn’t.

4.   Self-reflection

Self-reflection is the ability to sit with yourself, reflect on your thoughts and work on ways to improve yourself. As a leader, self-reflection is great because it allows you to think not just about your team but also about how your actions affect them and how you can change for the better.

As a leader, you don’t need to be stuck-up or uncaring to be good. The above qualities, and more, help make you a well-rounded and beloved person to the people you are leading.

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