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Where to search for jobs.

by Evalyne Ndanu

Upon realizing that you need a job, the next question may be, where to search for a job. Here are Best ways to find a job. It is also important to be aware that finding a job may take time and requires the right resources. Here are some avenues to explore in your job search.

1. Linked in jobs.
LinkedIn has a jobs section. You can filter the search and narrow it to your preferences. Some jobs are easy to apply from LinkedIn as they automatically retrieve your CV from your LinkedIn profile. A good thing about LinkedIn is that, even after a job search, it will continually keep suggesting to your openings depending on your previous searches. It keeps the history of your searches. It can also suggest jobs for you depending on the skills that you have updated on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is easy to use. Additionally, it allows you to have an online presence and a job search option under the same roof.

2. Specific companies/organizations career section.
If you have always desired to work for a particular company or organization then checking their career section would be a start. Never stop dreaming and hoping that one day you could work in your desired company. In this digital Era, most companies have embraced the need of an online presence. Majority of the companies have a websites which include the career section. From here they advertise for any open positions. It is thus a good idea to regularly keep checking the job section of the different companies of interest. You can also explore the ‘about us’ section and you will get to learn about the employees and team that the company has. You could check the qualifications and positions that different employees hold, checking them against your own experience.

3. Direct pitch messages.
This is among the courageous ways of looking for a job. For example if you are a technical writer matters technology, you can do a pitch. First, identify the company that you would like to offer your services to. Secondly, search for their recruitment email or HR email. Send them a pitch of your proposal. You have nothing to lose even if the response is a no. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
You could also try direct messaging on LinkedIn. It has worked for some people. Remember to be good in what you do first and read here tips to find a job.

4. AWIT job section.
Our very own African Women in Tech (AWIT) has a job section. Here you can explore all the different job openings, read their requirements and apply. AWIT is very holistic in terms of diversity, technology based and women based. To apply for a job, you will need to log in into your account.
Please feel free to explore AWIT’s Job section here.

5. Networks.
Networks are a powerful tool in job search. Don’t be afraid of telling the people in your network that you are looking for a job. They may be the answer to your unemployment. There are companies that give incentives for referrals. The current employees can refer someone else for a job, especially if their performance is outstanding. Your network could be your referees. Work towards building a solid network around you, it sure goes a long way.

6. Events. Conferences, expositions.
Events are a great way to meet potential employers. Go to these events, sit in and listen, network as much as possible. Sell yourself, speak confidently about your skills even as you listen to other people. Identify ways you could add value to their companies. In some conferences they even advertise for jobs, listen in and allow yourself to be curious.

7. Newspapers.
Most of the local newspapers, especially towards the end of the newspaper, have a career or job section. In this section, they advertise for tenders and jobs. Although not a  very popular method of job seeking, looking at them could be eye opening. Especially if you are looking for government jobs, be on the look for advertisements on Newspapers. They also list the requirements of the job and how to apply.

8. Notice boards.
Notice boards are also where you can find a job. Notice boards can be in the city, in the malls, on the streets, in public government institutions. Be on the lookout the next time you see a Notice board, they may be advertising for a job that could suit your expertise. Still, an emphasis needs to be made regards due diligence. It is required to avoid being duped. Remain alert all throughout your job search period. Almost all companies never require any application fee to be paid for job applications. Therefore be vigilant to avoid con people who may take advantage of you.

9. Job search platforms/ websites.
There are numerous job search platforms and websites. Again thanks to technology, we are able to access these sites at the comfort of our homes. If you are looking into freelance, some of these platforms are a great place to start the search from.
Examples include;
. Up work
. Kuhustle.com
. Indeed
. Fiver
Among many others.
You can search depending on how many hours you wish to work, location, skills, pay and much more.
It is also important to be careful with job websites and always confirm that the job is indeed there. Don’t be naive or gullible in the job search space.

10. Leverage social media.
Many organizations and companies are currently present on social media platforms. Beginning with AWIT, we have an account of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms,  events, opportunities and jobs are advertised.
Follow companies of your interest on social media platforms. It will help you know what is going in the company as well as any arising opportunities. Social media is also a tool used by many companies and organizations to disseminate information and news. It is thus a good tool to keep yourself abreast with what is happening in your  company of interest. The chances of any opportunity passing you by will be slim when you are on social media. Social media keeps people updated.

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