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Hard Truths to Take With You to 2024

by Roveen Anyango
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Happy New Year to you all! We are finally done with 2023 and into 2024. How time flies, right?

Well, in our article today, rather than look into How tos and other tech-related stuff, I thought it might be a good time to look into some pieces of advice that seem harsh but are great that you will need in 2024.

So, here are some truths you should take to 2024 to improve your life.

Not Everyone Will Like You

The first hard truth that you need to take with you to 2024 is that not everybody will like you – and that is okay.

So, stop trying to please everybody, stop trying too hard to be liked. Sure, be a decent human being to others, but don’t become a doormat in a desperate bid to be liked.

You Can’t Escape Bad Days

Despite what some self-help gurus might tell you, you can’t always have good days, and its time to accept that.

It’s okay to think, ‘Today has been a shitty day’. When you embrace both the good and bad days, you become a much better rounded person because the bad days will teach you resilience, tenacity and determination, while the good days will be there for you to enjoy.

It’s Okay to Let Thing Go

Call it quitting, or pivoting, or whatever, but you should be okay with letting things that don’t serve you go.

Let go of that relationship that you no longer enjoy, quit that job you don’t like or stop pursuing something that is taking more from you than giving back. When you let go, you open up room for other blessings.

You Will Lose Those You Love

Whether it is by death, breaking up, or simply drifting, you will lose people you love – and that is okay.

With this understanding, love openly and freely, show love to those closest to you, and never be afraid of telling them how much you love them.

As this new year begins, be open to whatever it has in store. Once again, Happy New Year! You’ve got this.

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