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How to Get a Phone or Tablet That Fell in Water to Work Again

by Roveen Anyango
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Water damage will often spell the end of many computing devices, and it’s easy to see why – once water comes into contact with the electronics, it causes them to short-circuit, resulting in the components frying each other.

While most devices come with water-resistant capabilities these days, the feature is often best applied in higher end devices. The risk of water damage remains very high for those with low and midrange devices.

Here, then, is how to stop water from damaging the device.

Do Not Turn On the Device Right Away

When a device falls into water and shuts down, do not turn it on. If it doesn’t shut down, then manually shut it down yourself.

When the device is on, it increases the risk of water and electric currents in the phone interacting. And you know what happens when water and electricity mix?

Dry The Device

After turning it off, get to drying the device immediately. Now, do not rush to use paper towels and whatnot. Instead, open up as much of the device as possible to let the water dry.

If the device has a removable battery, take it out. Remove the simcard tray and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Also wrap the battery in lint-free cloth if its removable.

As for the device, place it on a flat surface and gently pat it with a dry, lint-free cloth to absorb moisture.

Remove Residual Water from the Open Ports

The charging port, earphone jack, and speakers are all vulnerable water entry points for the phone. Refrain from blowing into these holes when drying as that increases the risk of pushing the water further inside.

Instead, use silica gel, which you can find in your local store. Seal the device in an airtight container with some silica gel beads well distributed all across the phone. Leave it in this state for 24 hours.

Whatever you do, do not use rice to try and dry the device as this causes more harm than good. Also, do not be quick to prize open the device completely as this could lead to water seeping further into inner components that may not have come into contact with water.

And if you want to tell if the device has been water damaged, click here.

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