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How to Tell if Your Phone is Water-Damaged

by Roveen Anyango
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Many mid-range and high-end phones these days come with water-resistance capabilities and thus, can survive some liquid splash on the screen, depending on its IP rating.

However, just because they are water-resistant does not mean that they are water-proof. Accidental soaking happens a lot of the time – in the kitchen, in the pool, when you get rained on and become soaking wet, etc. In these instances, your phone could suffer water damage and you may not even realize it. Here is how to tell if your phone is water damaged.

Water patches on the screen

The first and obvious signs of water damage on your phone is seeing patches of water on your phone screen. These water patches, when left to their own devices, can then form dark patches as they ruin the phone display. And considering how most smartphones are resistant to water damages, water on screen could be a major sign that the water damage is extensive.

Foggy camera

A foggy camera, just like a screen with water patches, is another significant indicator of water damage. When water enters the phone, it settles everywhere and the camera glass is one of the most obvious places it settles that you can see. So, if your phone was soaked in water, and begins to take foggy and blurry images, it has suffered water damage.

Look at the Liquid Damage Indicator

Smartphones come with Liquid Damage Indicators (LDIs). These LDI’s will usually be white or silver. However, when in contact with water extensively, they will turn pink or red.

The LDI on android or iPhones will be on the sim-tray region. Take out your sim tray and, with a bright and focused torch, illuminate the inside of the slot. You should be able to see the LDI. If its pink, your phone is water damaged.

Muffled or distorted sound

Another sign to look out for is muffled or distorted sound, whether it be from the earpiece or speakers. Sometimes there will be no sound at all. So, if your phone comes into contact with water, and this happens, that is likely water damage.

When all these signs and more are present, quickly rush to a technician to check the phone. You can dry it on the outside first to eliminate excess water. However, despite popular wisdom, do not put it in rice.



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