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How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress as a Small Business Owner

by Roveen Anyango
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Life as a small business owner no doubt provides you with some great perks. You work on your own time, you pay your own salaries and you get to build a customer base who love what you do. Anxiety and stress can affect you negatively.

But entrepreneurship also carries uncertainty, long working hours and since you are responsible for your own success, a great amount of personal responsibility. All these factors can lead to a great amount of stress.

Below are ways you can reduce the stress and anxiety of building and running your business.

Create a support system

Building relationships with others, especially other entrepreneurs and small business owners can help you through your struggles. This is because, others will share their experiences with you, which can help you feel better knowing that your struggles are not unique. More importantly, though, it can allow for brainstorming on solutions.

Family and friends can also be your emotional support by encouraging you and being there for you as you struggle.


Many owners of successful businesses have shared how meditation has helped them both personally and professionally.

Meditation means finding a quiet and still spot with little distractions where you can stay still for several minutes and clear your mind. Meditation helps you relax your body and more so, your mind, reducing emotional stress and heightening mindfulness.

Be transparent with the team

It is tempting to suck it in and continue pushing on your own so that you don’t scare your clients or team members to think that you can’t handle the pressure.

However, that will only lead to further stress and anxiety. Instead, share major problems with the team members and clients. Create an atmosphere for open and transparent dialogue. This will allow for all of you to move together while understanding each other.

Break down your goals

It is easy to get caught up in your dreams. You have big goals and big plans. But the thing is that these big goals and big plans run the risk of overwhelming you, especially when you begin to face setbacks.

Instead, when you have big goals, break them down into small steps that are much less overwhelming for you. These small achievable tasks ease anxiety and stress and make you feel good.

Anxiety and stress are part of an entrepreneur’s journey, but they should in no way consume you in your journey to building your business.

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