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The Most Important Career Skill You Need and How to Build it

by Roveen Anyango
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  • Career skills such as courage come from tenacity
  • Without tenacity, you will not succeed
  • Having clear goals and seeking new opportunities help build tenacity

We often speak of skills such as confidence, hardworking, people skills as crucial to the workplace, and they are, but a skill that is often left out is tenacity.

Tenacity refers to the ability to remain focused and persistent towards your goal despite any distractions. It refers to the determination to keep going despite persistent setbacks.

It is tenacity that makes you persistent, hardworking and as a consequence, confident. It is tenacity that makes you want to take risks because you are determined to succeed in the best was possible.

But how do you build this skill in yourself?

Set clear goals

One of the first ways to build tenacity is to set clear and achievable goals. When you are clear on what you want, then you will not stop at anything before getting it. So, get down to setting your goals with as much details as possible so that you build that ‘can-do’ attitude of tenacity.

Be forward looking and thinking

You cannot build tenacity if you are constantly looking behind your back – at past events, at people you left behind. To be more determined of the future, you need to live in the present with sights set to the future. You can use your past to make your future, but don’t dwell on it or else you will feel helpless.

Be on the lookout for opportunities

Tenacity means that you are constantly looking for ways to become even better than you are now, to tap into your passions and purpose. Therefore, to make yourself much more determined to succeed, be on the lookout of new and better opportunities.

It is tenacity that will have you seek out a promotion or make you standout anywhere in the workplace. It is tenacity that makes you do your due diligence before going for that job interview so that you are well-prepared for anything.

Relish challenges

Tenacity involves you focusing in getting to your destination despite the challenges you may face. Therefore, to build that tenacious spirit, always relish a good challenge. Look at challenges as opportunities for you to build your determined self and become even more tenacious. With the understanding that challenges are only part of the process, you will become unlikely to fold under any kind of pressure.

Tenacity is the fig tree of characteristics from which all other traits – courage, decisiveness, motivation, discipline and resilience, among others, branch from. So build it and other traits will follow.

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