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4 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

by Roveen Anyango
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Have you recently decided to take photography with your phone seriously? Do you wish to then find the best photo editing apps for mobile phones?

Phone photography may still be far from replacing DSLR camera photography, but it is turning into a valuable hobby for amateur photographers. And with increasing demands for better phone cameras, there has also been a demand for photo editing software and apps.

Below then, we look at the best photo editing apps of 2022, for both Android and iPhones.


The Adobe Lightroom might be up there with some of the best photo editing software. The app gives industry-standard features. So, we are talking of fine-tuning grainy photos and giving them that look of a DSLR photo.

So, while you won’t find fun stickers or animations, or emojis for your social media, you will find great use of this app if you are looking to practice your photography and photo-editing skills.


Made by Google, Snapseed is a photo editor that packs a punch.

The app comes with a range of filters and professional settings like perspective, tonal contrast, portrait, lens blur, double exposure, among other features that will improve your photo.

The app also has precision marking which allows you to edit the photo’s depth of field which allows your subject to stand out.

Prisma Photo Editor

If you are someone with an artistic inclination, then Prisma is the photo editor for you. The app boasts of turning your photos into a drawing or painting.

While many such apps fail flat, Prisma promises over 500 filters for you to choose from, making its renders better than any similar apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Yet another Adobe tool, the Photoshop Express is one of the best entry-level photo editing tools you can get. The app has plenty of advanced features such as advanced atmospheric haze, removing noise on photos (makes grainy photos sharp), professional filters, red-eye correction among other features. You also get a feature to collage your photos!

Additionally, the filter also autocorrects common issues such as exposure problems and color temperature, which means that you can get a better photo once you sign into the app before doing anything!

Aside from these, other honorable mentions include; Foodie, which aims to make your food photos more eye-catching, VSCO, which helps improve your contrast, exposure, and temperature, and also doubles up as a video editor. Then, there is Afterlight, which gives you over 130 filters, over 20 tools, and over 60 textures to choose from. You can also get clarity fixes, saturation selection on this app.

All these apps can run on both Android and iOS.

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