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How to Incorporate Generation Z into Your Workplace

by Roveen Anyango
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As an entrepreneur, you have got your business up and running and are expanding fast. You need new employees and many of the younger people are eager to join the workplace.

How do you ensure that you get the best out of them? How do you suit your workplace to get them to fulfill their potential?

Generation Z, or Gen Z, are people born after 1997 and have grown up exclusively in the digital age. The older Gen Z’s are now old enough to enter the workplace and they come with a unique generational hallmark that makes them distinct from Millennials.

Below, then are five actionable tips to create a workplace culture that will be a win for your company and the young employees.

Present information in simplified small chunks, preferably visual

Gen Z has grown up in the internet age. Thus, the majority of the content that they have consumed has been visual – TV screens, phone and laptops screens, and so on. Thus, they have become accustomed to taking in information not just visually, but also in small, bite-sized chunks.

So, at work, presenting information in simple, visual, and concise ways is critical. Whether they be simple charts, short bulleted tasks, or video presentations. All these are key to getting them to take in what you say.

Embrace technology

Speaking of technology, your company should embrace technology to take advantage of Gen Z’s incredible tech-savviness.

Gen Z has been exposed to the internet and social network and thus, knows the value these bring to not just their personality, but to businesses too. So, why not embrace technology to make them work to their strengths.

Allow for flexibility

The internet age has brought with it great existential angst. From minor things such as seeing their age mates on social media success, to major things like increased alarm over climate change.

This angst makes Generation Z unlikely to hold down jobs as their parents did. So, to get the best out of them, provide them with flexibility. Encourage remote working on some days of the week. Or have varied working hours for them. Working with them in this way, rather than imposing traditional 9-5 hours, will bring out the best in them.

Encourage diversity

Millennials brought much awareness of marginalization to the fore, but it is Gen Z who is the more open-minded. They are aware of matters of race, gender inclusivity, are more welcoming of LGBTQ members, and so on.

So, to create a work environment where they will thrive, your company should be committed to standing up for social justice and aim for a positive societal impact. Generation Z will work better knowing that the company they work for is also involved in making the community better.

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