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Tips on How Businesses can Take Advantage of the Festive Season

by Roveen Anyango
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There is little doubt that the Christmas festive season provides businesses with the potential to make their biggest sales of the year. In fact, in many businesses, the last third of the year is often the most profitable.

Yet, it is not just about Christmas and profits. As a business, you need to place yourself strategically and catch the eyes of the cheerful public that is ready to spend.

Here are some tips on how to do it.

Christmas Branding

To tap into the cheer of the festive season, add a Christmas touch to your product or services so that you can tag at the heartstrings of your customers.

This could be making slight adjustments to your website to reflect the festive mood, for example, a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ message and graphic at the top. Or changing your brand social media profile picture and cover to reflect the mood. Or you could add Christmas cards in product packaging. Ensure you stand out with your branding to make the experience more memorable to the customer.

Gift ideas

Many people want to gift their loved ones but often do not know what to buy. So, why not work with your marketing department and creative gift ideas for customers.

So, you could run a promo ‘Gift ideas for mum/dad/wife/husband/workers’ which will suggest the best gift for the target population. This will see many customers gravitate towards you.

Christmas promotions

Many businesses increase prices over the festive season, which is understandable. The higher the demand, the more work needed to meet the demand and thus, the higher the price.

However, as a business, you could do this with a twist. You could, for example, give special discounts or shopping vouchers to your loyal customers. Or give them a special mystery gift if they spend a given amount of money and so on. You can then send them these promos by email rather than advertise them since they are special to them only.

To other customers, you could charge them the same but offer limited discounts when they spend a given amount. That way, you build a loyal customer from them for the discounts.

Christmas is a period of cheer and with many people often cautious about being taken advantage of by corporates, stand out by following the above tips and watch your business take-off during this season.

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