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How to Increase Productivity over the Holiday Season

by Roveen Anyango
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Staying productive over the festive season can often be a tough ask no matter how blasé one is about the season.

There is often a general shift in the atmosphere that is hard to ignore, and this means that no matter how much you try, you cannot act as though the Christmas-New Year period are normal times. They aren’t.

Thus, to maintain and even increase productivity over the season, one needs to alter their approach slightly.

Have flexible working hours

You want to stick to your routine, but the truth is, many things hardly stick to their usual routines over the festive period.

So, to ensure that you remain productive or even become more productive, embrace the festive season and alter your calendar. Over the holidays, there are often many personal obligations – family shopping, family meetings, etc.

So arrange the working schedule around them instead of acting like they don’t exist.

Don’t force overtime

If you run a business, or if you are a supervisor, it is tempting to demand that your employees work overtime to compensate for the days when they will not be at work over the holidays.

However, this can have the unintended opposite consequence, which will witness a drop in productivity.

Instead, have a working schedule that allows for the employees to become more productive while also working normal hours. You could do this by assigning urgent tasks early to get them completed on time without applying pressure. Or by giving off days in shifts so that work continues regardless.

If at all overtime is necessary, offer them a reward for their service, whether that would be bonuses, Christmas shopping gift cards, etc.

Allow office holiday banter

Excitement over the holiday season is not something that you can contain so if you are a business owner; allow your employees to make fun, exchange stories, and generally bond over the festive season. This bonding can actually be useful in fostering a connection among the employees. It could help increase productivity in the long run.

The banter can also help blow off some steam and the stresses that come with the festive season, allowing for your workers to concentrate better.

However, ensure that it does not go overboard and that work is still getting done in the office.

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