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Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Improve Marketing in the Digital Space

by Roveen Anyango
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Social media marketing is now the go-to marketing strategy for both new and established brands. In this day and age, nothing beats social media when it comes to distributing your knowledge, ideas, and products to countless people.

So, as a budding online entrepreneur, getting it right when it comes to social media marketing is critical. In this article, we look at some tips that you can use to optimize your marketing strategy.

  1. Create a professional profile

When setting up an online business, it is critical that you make it professional. The page for your business should reflect and showcase your reputation, professional expertise, and authority in your chosen field. So, you can have for example a professional headshot if your page is your business or have a logo for your business if you have a separate page for it. the posts and designs and fonts, should all reflect professionalism. This will ensure that many potential customers take you seriously.

  1. Have specific strategies for different platforms

Social media platforms may have the same basic structure, but do not be mistaken into believing that they operate the same. What works on Twitter would not work on Instagram for example.

Twitter is a text-heavy app, so to market there, you will need some wit and well-written messaging in addition to a proper poster to be effective. Instagram, on the other hand, is a photo app, and thus, creating a compelling poster is critical.

Thus, when marketing on different platforms, you need to ask yourself:

  • Why am I using this platform (what do I aim to achieve at the end of this?)
  • Who will I reach with this platform?
  • What posts work on this platform?

Answers to these questions will improve your reach on social media. You will not need to have a presence on all platforms, but you will be effective in the ones you choose.


  1. Be consistent

Social media rewards consistency. The more you post, the more visibility your page gets. Twitter and Instagram especially, reward you for being active several times a day. You can study metrics on your social media back page to learn when people are more active and when your posts will get the most engagements. This will ensure your followers always get your posts.

  1. Be authentic

More often, we try to portray ourselves differently on social media. However, many people will likely connect more with you when you do not hide your flaws or struggles. While social media rewards people who show a perfect lifestyle, for building a long-term business audience, being authentic will take you there.

So, there you have it. Social media marketing is no rocket science and only needs you to always be present and professional.

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