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Tips on How to Become a Successful YouTuber

by Roveen Anyango
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Are you a new YouTuber and are struggling to grow your channel? Do you want to beat your competition? If yes, then read on.

Started in 2005, YouTube has gone from being a platform that was mostly filled with funny clips to one of the world’s leading platforms for online entrepreneurs. Over the past few years, the company has leveraged a growing audience with advertising, creating a platform for people to earn.

Now, many people with a proper camera, good lighting, and of course, engaging content and personality can create their channel and watch it grow to become an income-generation activity.

So, how do you grow your channel?

Choose a topic you know a lot about

Sometimes, this can be something you like, but at other times, it can be something that you just know a lot about.

YouTube often rewards content creators who post regularly. You will find it easier to post regularly if the topics you choose are something you know a lot about. This topic allows you to not only be more engaging with your audience but also lets you be authentic. It is critical on the internet these days.

Research keywords

Keywords are critical tools on the web today and YouTuber is no exception. Keywords are the words that people often search for.

So, to get the attention of a lot of people and grow your audience, always conduct your research and know what is popular on YouTube.  You can also cross-reference with Google, as YouTube is owned by Google Inc.

Now, of course, you shouldn’t just cram keywords into your video, as it would only lead to keyword stuffing, which is when a webpage is crammed with the keyword. Keyword stuffing can lead to your YouTube channel being banned, either temporarily or permanently.

Be strategic about the use of the keyword.

Know your audience


Before uploading your first video, do proper research on the field you want to get into. This helps you know what audiences in that area like to watch, what they search most about, and how they like it presented. Knowing your audience also allows you to be unique while still getting your point across.

Collaborate with established YouTubers

Many established YouTubers many not readily agree to this, but it is worth a try. Collaborating with established YouTubers in your chosen field exposes you to a new audience, thus giving you the opportunity to grow.

The collaboration will also be an opportunity to study your competition. You get to learn from the best on what to do/not to do, thus, easing your journey towards building your channel.

Be concise

Many YouTubers struggle to keep an audience because they take too long to get to the point. Don’t do that. Make your introduction short and to the point. This keeps your audience engaged and more likely to subscribe to your channel.

It is hard for a YouTuber to grow their channel. With these tips, you are likely to avoid major mistakes that could make the whole process cumbersome. For more Social Media Tips, click here.

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