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Reasons why people fail to achieve their goals

by Evalyne Ndanu
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While many people have written goals at one point or another in their lives, not all of them have achieved their goals. This begs the question, What are the reasons why people fail to achieve their goals? Here are some of the reasons.

They didn’t set SMART goals.

Most people are in love with the goal and less with the path. Perhaps the goal was to Become a Software Developer. However the person fails to be specific, doesn’t break it down to smaller goals maybe daily, weekly or monthly. Doesn’t associate the goals to time. This makes it difficult for an individual to begin actively pursuing their goals.

An already flawed mentality about goals.

Due to people failing to achieve their goals, some have decided to make a mockery out of it. Some people have been misled into thinking that setting goals is a waste of time and a chase after the wind. With this distorted mentality, many have chosen not to engage with goals and make fun of them. Unless the mentality is set right, even the goals won’t be right.

The goals were either too big or too small.

Too big goals without an action plan become unrealistic and frighting. On the other hand, too small goals create complacency and breeds non-seriousness. It is therefore paramount to have goals that aren’t on either of the extremes. Additionally, it is of importance to have a plan on how the goals you set are going to be achieved.


We like to push up things for later and then get caught up in the last-minute haze. It is paramount to learn that, We can’t be doing things only when we feel good. We got to get going on the goals that we set. Procrastination is a huge contributor to the reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.


They weren’t goals that they valued.

They weren’t their goals, probably someone else’s.  Perhaps from society and parents, peers and external pressures. The true self gets tested as you pursue the goals. If the goals you set really don’t stand for who you are and have no value in your life, then they will not make sense eventually.


We are currently living in a world where most things are highly distracting. We have mobile phones, laptops, internet, explosion of information and without realizing it, we may get caught up in the web. Social media platforms for example can keep people glued for hours. It is a huge source of distraction unless of course you are making a living out of it or it is part of your career. Giving less attention to distractions will allow you to keep focused on your goals.



Self-Sabotage includes Self-doubt. It includes a lack of belief in self to be able to achieve the set goals. If we don’t believe in ourselves then no one else will. As a man thinks, so is he. If you think you will not achieve your goals, then you will not.

Giving up.

Fast internet, Fast delivery, Fast applications, were want everything Fast and Now. Goals take time, we cannot microwave them. The pursuit of our goals is a journey and it can get tough and rough sometimes, which causes some people to drop out. They then hide in the cocoon of ‘Goals don’t really matter.’

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

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