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Toxic Phrases to Remove from your Life

by Roveen Anyango
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The term toxic phrase sounds like a very negative word, but it actually refers to phrases which often hold us back from fully realizing our potential. These phrases don’t always need to be negative, hell, some of them might even sound empowering and helpful. Rather, they are words that simply stop us from fully realizing our potential.

Here are some of the phrases you need to remove from your life.

 “There is nothing I can do”

There is nothing that quiet captures a lack of desire than this phrase. Whenever you find yourself saying this, know that you have already conceded defeat even before staring.

While some things can be beyond your control, rather than simply saying there is nothing you can do, how about ‘I will figure it out’. This way, you put some confidence in yourself to get it done.

“It’s not a big deal”

This phrase will often come up when speaking to someone else and you can’t understand their point of view. While it may not be a big deal to you, success in interpersonal relationships requires emotional intelligence. You don’t need to see an issue as a big deal, but rather, look at it from the other person’s perspective.

So, rather than simply dismiss what they bring up as ‘not a big deal’, try, ‘I understand where you are coming from’. This is what empathy is all about.

“I guess”

Whenever you are in a position to make suggestions or offer insight, the worst thing you can say is “I guess” or “I think”. These two phrases display a lack of confidence in what you are about to say and that could make people switch off.

In everyday life, you need to move and speak with conviction. If you are at work, or even with friends and family, and are asked for your input, eliminate “I guess” or “I think”. Instead, replace them with phrases that show conviction but still display your acknowledgement that you don’t know everything. ‘Here is how I see it’ is a good phrase to replace with.

“I got this”

This phrase can be good when used sparingly, but when you find yourself always refusing help by saying this, then this phrase could be the reason why you are not moving forward.

We all need help from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with being unable to get things done on your own. So, say yes to help sometimes.

Our words are what shape our actions and thus, by eliminating these toxic phrases, you are changing your mindset about how to do things.

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