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How to Take Creative Videos of Your Food for Instagram

by Roveen Anyango
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Capturing creative videos of food on Instagram has never been easier! With simple tricks and some sprinkling of creativity, you can take appealing videos of your food and share them on social media for your followers to admire. To stand out when capturing videos of food, you need to become very creative. Here is how to do it:

Use your table

The first trick that you can use to make your videos more capturing is by using the table to your advantage. For example, let’s say you want to take a video of your cup of coffee. Rather than simply hold the camera up, point to the tea and record, how about you hold the phone against the side of the table and use the table as a pivot. Then, rotate the phone and let it capture the video like a fleeting curve, like shown here.

You can use this trick anywhere too. If you want to capture something from the top of a wall, you can simply put your phone against the wall and the swing your phone from one side to the other, capturing the moment with a fleeting sweep.

Use your phone stand

The next trick is using your phone stand. Let’s say you are sitting at a table and want to capture different angles of the meal in front of you. Now, of course many of us will slide the phone across with our hands, but that might not capture a stable image. So, instead, use your small phone stand. It would be great to find a round table too. Place the phone on the stand and then place the stand at the edge of the table. Then, slide the stand across the edge of the table for a smooth capture of different angles of the food.

Use Slow-mo mode

Many mid-range and high-end phones are now capable of capturing images in high-quality slow-mo mode and you have to admit, slow mo looks great when done well. Therefore, if you are creating food content and want to capture the food in great detail, capture it in slow-mo mode and watch how a video goes from ordinary to cinematic. When using slow-mo, also ensure you lock focus for more clear details.

For best results, splice these footages together through sleek editing and there you have it! A great highlight reel that sands out.

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