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4 ‘Common Knowledge’ Myths About Your Phone That Aren’t True

by Roveen Anyango
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We have all hear different things about what our phones need to do. The truth is that many of us never know much of what our phones are capable of and often rely on tech experts or enthusiasts to tell us. However, some of the common knowledge about phones are, in fact, myths.

Below are some of these points, which are myths.

1.    More RAM Means Better Speed

Whenever we look for a new phone, RAM is high among the specs that we look at. And the reality is that many of us believe that RAM affects our phone’s speed performance. However, that is not true. The speed of your phone will be down to its processors (measured in Ghz). Your RAM, on the other hand, helps your phone multitask. A higher RAM means that you can open several apps and be able to multitask. Even gaming phones, which tend to have higher RAM have them to help run the game smoothly while also ensuring you can run other apps too, and not improve gaming performance.

  1. AllApps on Google Play Store or Apple Store are safe

There is no doubt that Google and Apple all take security seriously and thus, most of the apps found there will be safe. However, these same companies also invest millions of dollars to remove apps from their stores. So yes, while most apps on the official stores will be safe, security threats still exist and thus, it is critical to verify the app before downloading.

3.   More megapixel = Better camera

Yes, many high end phones use their megapixels as their selling points but if you want to know megapixels do not matter much, look no further than iPhone 14 and Samsung S23. The S23 has 200 MP while the iPhone 14 has 48 MP. However, photos taken on both are often never that different in quality.

Camera quality is affected by other factors much more than megapixels, such as the camera sensors, lenses, processors and of course, software. So, always look beyond the megapixels when looking for a phone with better camera.

4.   Battery myths

There are countless battery myths that we have come to believe. Let us go through the two most common:

Overnight charging ruins the battery: This would have been true for older phones and batteries but newer smartphones have mechanisms to stop charging once full. There is a reason why your phone stops lighting up once full. It’s because the circuit from the charger to the battery is broken once the battery is full.

Drain your battery completely before charging: Once again, this might have been true in the past, but these days, it is actually recommended that you charge your phone before it drains completely to reduce its charge-discharge cycle, thus increase its life cycle.

These myths and many more persist, so you need to be informed before persisting with them.

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