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How to Quickly and Effectively Edit Large Document Files

by Roveen Anyango
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Have you ever found yourself stuck, debating on how you will edit a large document file quickly and without sacrificing quality? Editing large document files is often one of the most laborious parts of the writing process. If you are a student or content writer, you are going to need something to help you read through texts quickly while also ensuring you don’t miss any mistakes.

Below are some effective hacks to help.

Google Translate

Yes, you read that right! Google Translate can be used as a tool to help you edit large document files. Catching all errors in a file, especially large document files, can be difficult, and most mainstream text editors like Grammarly often don’t support very large document files.

However, by copying and pasting your file (up to 5000 characters) on Google Translate, you can easily catch the errors by listening. Since Google Translate reads text as it is, you will easily catch misspellings, grammar errors and other mistakes since they will sound odd to listen to.

Use UltraEdit

For even larger document files, you are going to need an even better software and luckily, we have one for you – UltraEdit. This software has no limit on file size and can handle file sizes of even 4 GB and above. Thus, if you are a novelist or career writer, then this can be a great tool to help in your editing work.

You can quickly open files and search through the entire document easily and also fast, correcting highlighted errors with ease.

Of course, remember that while these editors are a great tool to help you edit, they should not be used as a replacement for your human eyes. Rather, they should be an important addition to the editing process. You can go through the file and correct obvious errors and only use these hacks to help identity those errors you missed.

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