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African Women in Technology: A Call to All Mentors out There!

by Roveen Anyango
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As a woman in technology, a good, ever-present guiding hand can often do wonders in helping you get started and get going in your career. You want a mentor who understands what it’s like being a woman in tech and, therefore, is willing to share their years of experience with you to make your journey in the tech world that much easier. Enter African Women in Technology (AWIT).

AWIT is an organization that aims to increase women’s representation in technology through mentorship programs that aim to inspire, guide and push women to be their best in the tech world.

African Women In Technology Mentors

African Women in Technology aims to inspire many women, not just in technology but also in entrepreneurship. To do this, the organization conducts various events in which women can come to network, receive funding, find internship opportunities, and receive and provide mentorship to other women who are trying to make it in the industry.

Speaking of mentorship, AWIT is now looking for mentors to guide the thousands of women the organization reaches through its events. Many of the women who have passed through AWIT and have had successful careers often say that the mentorship they got from the program had the biggest impact on their job, whether the mentorship is virtual or in person.

To qualify as an African Women in Technology mentor, you must meet the following qualifications.

Joys of being an AWIT mentor

As an AWIT mentor, not only will you be imparting knowledge to young women out there, but you will also have fun while doing it; you will achieve personal and career growth, become part of the AWIT network of entrepreneurs and professionals, and make connections with other African leaders, both in entrepreneurship and corporate.

If this write-up has lit a fire in your belly and you can’t wait to join AWIT, then register here and become the guiding light young girls out there need to succeed.

All the best!

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