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Apple Watch Ultra: Why the New Apple Watch is Worth Your Money

by Roveen Anyango
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The Apple watches have never done much wrong through their whole existence – aside from the battery life of course. Often, Apple has been playing it safe with their watches, just as they do with pretty much else all their products.

However, with the new Apple Watch Ultra, Apple decided to try something new – and they may have succeeded. The new Apple Watch Ultra goes hard in not just features but size too. Here is why all that might be worth it.

Large screen and rugged design

A glance on the Apple Watch Ultra is enough to let you in on the new direction Apple is taking. The watch is larger and thicker than anything Apple have come up with on this front, with the screen made from sapphire. The skin, meanwhile, is made from titanium.

The large 49 mm screen is enough to make texts legible from a distance off and also makes texting on the watch much easier.

Longer battery life

Entering into the rugged smartphone market, Apple Watch Ultra is up against monster such as Garmin when it comes to battery life. And while it doesn’t match the latter two, it’s a massive improvement from the any previous Apple Watch.

The duration of the battery life is between 36-48 hours of heavy usage, which is much better than 18 hours from the last Apple Watch’s best battery life. There are even talks that a future update will bump up the battery life to 60 hours on low-power mode.

Exclusive outdoor features

The Apple Watch was made to target people who are heavy on outdoor activity, especially pro-athletes, and it does pack features for those.

First, it has a water depth sensor, which automatically makes the watch a Depth app when underwater. On the display, you will see time, water depth, water temperature, duration under water and maximum depth you reached.

The Watch also has a redesigned compass that provides a hybrid of digital and analog compass dials. These are essential for people like hikers or mountain climbers.

Action button

The large orange button on the Apple Watch Ultra is the Action button. This button can be programmed to switch to whatever you desire it to. The options of access from the Action button are Workout, Waypoint, Backtrack, Flashlight, Shortcuts, Stopwatch and Dive.

This makes switching between tasks mid-workout much easier than if it were on touch as a touch screen is susceptible to not work under gloves or sweaty fingers.

These are just some of the features though (Here is the full spec sheet). Apple really snapped on the Apple Watch Ultra and if you feel like it’s for you, then it would be worth every single penny.

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