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Business Trends in 2022

by Evalyne Ndanu
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The Impact of Covid19 is still being felt across the globe. With these, businesses are still adjusting and trying to figure out the best way. Here are some business trends in 2022.

Digital Marketing

With increased consumption of digital content, it only makes sense to market where people are. Digital marketing includes social media marketing (and here are some tips to get you started), creating appealing blogs and putting compelling content in them, use of Influencers in marketing, Email marketing which easily reaches people in their mail inbox, Paid advertising which gets your content to reach a wider and targeted audience and Video marketing campaigns where you get to create a high quality video with content about what you are promoting. Businesses will need more of Digital Marketing in 2022.

Hybrid working system

During the pandemic, employees especially in the service industry that doesn’t require direct interaction with the customer, have had an opportunity to work from home. Many companies have moved to having a hybrid working system where employees work from home on some days and on others they go to the office. Employees aren’t ready to completely give up working from home and therefore, the hybrid working system is taking centre stage in businesses.


Cashless Payments

Contactless Payments have continued to gain popularity especially catalyzed by the Pandemic. Cashless Payments reduce the risk of touching and exchanging money which could be a means in which the Covid19 virus is spread. Coupled with the rise of other strains like Omicron, cashless payments are indeed the only way forward. For businesses which accepted only cash payment, they are having to rethink and incorporate Mobile App payments, Online transfers and even the use of digital currency, for example Bitcoins and Ethereum.

A.I & V.R

As we say in the Technology trends of 2022, A.I is set to only get better. Chat-bots on websites are set to be more efficient. We are already seeing the rise of smart assistants(siri, Cortona, Google Assistant). Businesses are adjusting to have these A.I advancements set in place for their businesses. Virtual Reality is allowing businesses to have employees from all over the world and can easily connect through video conferencing.


Data Science and Analytics

Businesses can now have better Analytics. Based on existing data which can be analyzed and used to predict the future, Data Science is taking businesses to the next level. A level where they are better placed to make decisions based on real and accurate data. They can plan their manufacturing and finances and basically be able to map all aspects out. Data Analytics is like a light to businesses, it allows them not to operate in darkness with unknown risks.


Employees are seeking more and more freedom, and this may be presented in form of Freelance. Freelance presents the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world at one’s convenient time. Programmers are freelancing, accountants are freelancing, Marketers are freelancing. Businesses are having to move to platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, to look for employees, some for temporary ‘gigs’ /employment or permanent roles.

‘If you can’t beat them, join them’, has never been more true in this season.

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