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Social Media Marketing Tips – Where and How to start

by Evalyne Ndanu

Social media is now considered the new word of mouth. Need to find people, friends, friends of friends, businesses and companies, social media is the go to place. With various platforms in the social media, there is a wider variety to choose from. Here are some Social Media Marketing Tips – Where and How to start.

  1. Put up proper social media profiles.

    It is important to first choose the social media platforms that you would like to use. Depending on where your target audience is, there is where you set up your social media profiles. Emphasis should be made on the brand you are promoting. Make sure you have a quality brand logo. You can use some photo editor tools to come up with proper high quality logos and images. If within budget, you could work with a graphic designer to help you with the branding, logos and images. In-cooperate the use of real photos, people connect with real stuff. Social media profiles need to be of proper quality.

  2. Identify your audience and create amazing content for them.

    After setting up quality social media profiles, the next step is to know your audience. Who is your target audience? What is the age range of your audience? Is your audience gender specific? Knowing who your target audience is then paves way to creating the appropriate content for them. Content that suits them. Creating amazing content entails use of images, texts, GIFs, videos, quotes, podcasts, use of websites, where possible. To keep the audience following , they need a reason. They need a reason to keep following your brand. A brand that adds value while meeting their needs. For example if you are doing social media marketing for a clothing line, you need to post images of models posing with the clothes, videos of people wearing the clothes and texts on the competitive edge of the brand.social

  3. Commit to regular posting.

    The reason why many people are unable to keep up and see the eventual success in Social media, is the lack of consistency. There are algorithms in most social media platforms that monitor the activity in the accounts. They work in favor of when there are regular posts. It becomes paramount to be consistent. You can target at having a specific number of posts for every week. It is indeed a task to keep posting regularly and engaging your target audience constantly. You can look at it as though you are writing a story of your brand. Consistency is a quality that you would like your brand to definitely possess. If you are too busy for this and/or the budget allows,  you can find a Social Media Manager. They will manage the social media accounts on your behalf.

  4. Find a social media scheduler tool.

    A proper social media scheduler tool will allow you to schedule and plan posts in advance. For example, hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management tool. It allows you to schedule your posts across all social media networks with only a few clicks. Scheduling saves you time. It also allows you to visualize how your posts will look like and make appropriate changes accordingly. On top of this, scheduling tools allow collaboration and team works and give analytics for the accounts. When it comes to scheduling, planning ahead is one of the factors of success in social media. It makes work easier and planning can be made into the future as far much as is necessary.

  5. Set up proper analytics for your accounts.

    Social media analytics are home to valuable insight regards your audience, it lets you know who they are, where they are and how they are interacting with the brand that you have created. This sort of feedback allows you to adjust appropriately. Analytics could be form the scheduling tools or from the direct account themselves. For example, twitter business accounts give access to analytics and monitoring of how the account is doing can be managed this way. Analytics is the measure, the eye opener, make use of it.

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