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Get the Best out of AI with These New ChatGPT Plus Features

by Roveen Anyango
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ChatGPT Plus is the subscription version of the ChatGPT AI and is one of the most advanced AI that we have in the world currently.

To further add to its capabilities, Microsoft-backed OpenAI has released some new features to the AI, though the parts are still in their Beta stage. The two major improvements are:

Diverse File Handling

The first and very important feature of this new AI model is that you can ‘directly chat about PDFs and other document types’ with the AI.

What this means is that the ChatGPT Plus can take instructions from files that you upload on the AI site rather than simply having to type out what you want the AI to do.

So, for example, if you have a file on a story, you can upload it to ChatGPT Plus and then ask the AI to do whatever you want from it. You could ask it to summarize the story, answer questions about it, and so much more.

The AI can also work with images. You can upload an image file to ChatGPT Plus and ask it to create a different style image using the image file. Think of it as Photoshop but with AI. This is because the new ChatGPT Plus comes with an integrated DALL-E 3 AI.

DALLE-3 is an AI that specializes in the creation of images and videos.

Seamless Integration of Chat Modes

The other feature is that you will no longer manually shift through chat modes, as the AI chatbot will automatically select a mode based on context.

For example, if you simply want to use the chatbot for browsing, the chatbot will automatically switch to Browsing with Bing.

These new additions make using ChatGPT more accessible and much more advanced. For about $ 20 a month, you can have access to all these features.

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