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How Android 13 Could be a Game Changer in the Smartphone Market

by Roveen Anyango
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The year 2022 will go down as one with some of the best improvements on the phone OS, both Android 13 and Apple iOS.

Google launched their latest Android 13 on August 15, 2022 called Tiramisu. The new Android update features an impressive array of new features.

Revamped Search Experience

A new feature of the Android 13 is a new launcher-based interface that allows you to search for actions on your device without going to the app in question. So, this means that you can search for apps right from the search bar on your launcher. If the app isn’t installed, the launcher brings up a search result from app store for a quick download.

Quick QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanning is becoming more and more common as we get used to living in a global pandemic. Therefore, a quick QR Code Scanner is critical. On the Android 13, the QR Code Scanner is now just a pull down away. Pulling down your quick access tab lets you see a ‘Scan QR Code’ Prompt.

Improved Privacy

Android 13 has reduced the risk of invasion of privacy in ways never seen before. For example, when apps ask for permission, you can get to choose if they can access images, video or audio files. Furthermore, you can specify which photos and videos an app can have access to rather than have the app have access to your whole video and photo gallery.

Another improved security feature – when you enable an app to scan for close Wi-Fi devices, it no longer asks for location-tracking permission. You will now get a separate Nearby Wi-Fi Devices option for permission.

Revamped Copy and Paste Feature

On Android 12 and below, when you wanted to copy and paste, you wouldn’t get much option in terms of editing the copied text until after pasting. Android 13 now lets you edit an item you’ve copied before pasting. The new Android update has an alert box on the low left corner which gives you a visual representation of your clipboard which you can then quickly edit by tapping on the pencil icon. When one paste the text, it will be the most recent edited version.

These and many other changes make the Android 13 an exciting prospect that is the perfect foil for the impressive iOS 16.

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