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How This Android Spyware is Stealing Your Private Data

by Roveen Anyango
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In the current digital age, our data is one of the most prized commodities. Were it possible the big tech companies could get rid of data protection because it is a field with massive income potential. Luckily for us, though, data privacy and protection laws are there to help us.

But still, that is not enough to stop some sneaky techies from coming up with creative ways to steal your data. Enter Spynet.

What is Spynet?

Spynet (not to be confused with SPyNet) is an app that cybersecurity company, F-Secure, has termed as harmful. The app runs on android OS and is being labelled as a spyware.

The app spreads through SMS phishing and then steals your data, including, but not limited to, SMS and phone calls.

Why is Spynet so dangerous?

Well, first, it is not listed on Google Play Store, and thus, it doesn’t fall under Google Play Protect radar. It is a backdoor malware.

It also does not appear anywhere on your home screen or recent app tabs. Additionally, once installed, it has access to internal storage, camera logs, aside from SMS and calls, and can even record voice calls.

It is also very difficult to get rid of, meaning, once installed, most antivirus software might not detect it. Only completely factory resetting the phone can get rid of it.

What to do?

As an android user then, it is important that you are very careful before clicking on a link from unknown numbers, either through SMS or any other platform.

Also, do not sideload third-party apps unless you know the source. It is better to use Google Play for such downloads.

Additionally, ensure you always install the latest software and security updates, many of which can flag messages from unknown numbers or with suspicious links before you click on them.

Your data is a very precious commodity right now and shady people will do everything to get to it. So, be careful.

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