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How to Communicate Effectively with a Loved One

by Roveen Anyango
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Communication is a very critical part of our relationships. Yet, despite this, many of us still struggle with communicating effectively with the people that we love. It is for this reason that many relationships break down.

To avoid a break down in the relationship, below are some ways to improve communication with a loved one.

Develop your Self-Awareness

Believe it or not, but to communicate well with your partner, understanding yourself is critical. It is hard to communicate your needs if you do not understand yourself first. What do you want from the relationship? And what are your expectations for yourself? What are your expectations for the other person? Why do you have these expectations from them?

Your self-awareness should then lead you to –

Listen actively

Once you understand what you want, the next thing to do is listen to what your loved one is saying. Don’t just listen to respond. Listen to understand what the other person is saying. Understanding them means that you will better get a grasp of what they expect from you. Then, see if you meet their expectations.

Then, once you understand them –

Speak honestly

Many claim to value honesty, but few practice it. Proper relationships thrive on honesty and therefore, when you understand yourself and also make an effort to understand your partner, be honest with them.

Honesty creates openness with each other, something that further improves your communication. In a romantic relationship, honesty can also help you evaluate whether or not the both of you can work.

Improve non-verbal communication

You know yourself. You are making the effort to understand your partner. The both of you are honest with each other. But that shouldn’t be all.

Communication is also what we do. Therefore, practice non-verbal communication cues that let the other person know you care for what they are saying. Keep comfortable eye contact, be relaxed around them, lean towards them.

Non-verbal cues are what reflect our comfort with the other person and thus, they should come naturally when you and your loved one grow comfortable around each other.

Meanwhile, you can look at these apps for improvements in your romantic relationships.

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