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How to Read More Books in 2023

by Roveen Anyango
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Reading books has been found to be an effective way of mentally stimulating our minds and keeping our brains alert and young. It is no wonder then, that many of use often make goals of wanting to read more books.

Below then, are some tips on how you can read more books in 2023.

Know your limits

I know we hear many stories of how reading 100 books a year is what you need to be properly read. However, while it would be commendable to read 100 books a year, if you are not such a voracious reader, you are simply setting yourself to fail.

Instead, choose the number of books you can handle – 10,20,30. Whatever the number, as long as you do not over-commit, you will enjoy the whole reading process and will not feel stressed. You can then increase the number as you gain more experience.

Take a book everywhere you go

If you can take your phone everywhere with you, then why not a book? If you aim to read more books in 2023, then you will need to constantly have the book you are reading with you. Take advantage of long commutes or journeys, waiting lines or any other spare minutes to read your book. This will allow you to read a lot more and thus, finish up a book quicker.

On the flip side, how about using some online libraries so that you read while on your phone!

Set a dedicated reading time

Sure, you have your book everywhere with you, but how about making a set time for reading it. If you are a night owl, perhaps setting aside an hour before bed. Or if you are a morning person, how about waking up earlier for some extra reading time. A dedicated reading time helps create the habit of reading, thus enabling you read more.

Switch genres

Once done with a book of a given genre, consider reading a different genre next. Finished a horror novel? Read rom-com next. This helps keep the desire to read fresh due to the new stimulation.

Reading is a good habit to have and it will improve a lot of facets of your life, from communication to creativity. So, let’s all commit to reading more this year.

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