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How Your Google Search Engine Could Look Different in the Coming Weeks

by Roveen Anyango
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Google has announced that it will integrate a new AI into its search engine as it works to match Microsoft’s Bing in adding AI tools to its search engines.

During its Google I/O event, held on May 10, 2023, the Alphabet company said that it was introducing the next evolution of Google search which would use an AI-powered chatbot to answer questions and help the user get information quicker than before. The generative AI will be called the Search Generative Experience and will craft responses to open-ended questions even as the search retains its old identity of links to web pages.

This means that the look and feel of Google Search will be very different from what you are used to. When you search a query into the search bar, automatic AI-generated responses will pop up in addition to the traditional results.

“We are reimagining all of our core products, including search,” Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai said as he took to the stage at the event. Sundar said that aside from integrating the generative AI to search, it would also add them to Gmail, which would create draft messages, and to Google Photos, which would make changes to images such as coloring blank spaces and centering figures.

Rival Microsoft

Google is adding AI to its search engine in a bid to rival Microsoft, which integrated a ChatGPT-based AI into its Bing search engine, helping improve user results in the search. Thus, the launch of the new AI search results by Google is aimed at cementing Google’s position as the world’s most used search engine.

Access to new Google Search

The access to the new Google search is currently available, and you can gain access to the Search Generative Experience by signing up to a waitlist. Here, you will be part of the trial phase of the project, which Google will use to monitor the search results’ quality, speed, and cost.

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