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Poem on Mentorship, My Mentor My light

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Lost was I and helpless,
Unsure, Uncertain and Unassertive,
Right In the middle of confusion,
Laying in the dark,
My mentor My light.

Myriad of questions had I,
Devoured by Anxiety,
Sound asleep to my own potential,
Limiting myself inch by inch,
My mentor My light.

My insatiable hunger for success,
Always finding myself at crossroads,
Or swimming in the depths of the seas,
There you were to oversee,
My mentor My light.

I stand in awe,
Of the Charisma you emanated,
The skills you imparted to me,
Close to me will I keep them,
My mentor My light.

I was troubled,
Cut down,
Not tendered, not watered,
Yet you stepped in and made a 360 degrees turn,
My mentor My light.

Decisions appeared like mountains,
To the right or to the left, I didn’t know where to turn,
My judgement clouded by all the previous mistakes,
That which was apparent seemed concealed,
My mentor My light.

There is a time for everything, you taught me,
And the more time conscious I became,
The more value I got from what I invested myself into,
The paradigms shifted, redefining my life,
My mentor My light.

Bringing out the best in me,
Seeing more than what I could see in myself,
Giving me the push out of impossibility,
Growing my strengths,
Plucking the weeds and eliminating bad fruit,
My mentor My light.

I will not forget the sacrifices,
Appreciating is the least I can do,
For choosing to walk with me I salute,
Nothing can repay what you have done for me,
My mentor My light.

Thank you for the empowerment,
Thank you for opening up your life to me,
Thank you for your time,
Thank you for lifting me up,
My mentor my light.

Always treasured

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