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Reed Women in Technology Mentoring Programme: Nurturing Technology Talent for the Future

by Roveen Anyango
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Are you a woman and looking for a free mentoring programme to stand you on your two feet in the tech industry?

If you’ve answered yes to the question above, then Reed Mentorship Programme is here for you. Founded in 2019 by Reed, an employment agency based in the UK, Reed Women in Technology Mentoring Programme aims to address the gender gap in tech in the U.K and across the world.

How Reed Women in Tech Mentoring Can Help You

Through this programme, women at any stage of their careers in tech can meet and connect with an external mentor who will offer them support and guidance and help mentees fulfil their dreams in their professional and also personal life.

With just 19% of tech workers in the U.K being women, Reed aims to change that dynamic to make it more inclusive, and none is more qualified for it than Reed.

“Reed has extensive experience advising organizations on how to be more inclusive and helping them attract and appoint a wider range of professionals to technology leadership roles.” Reed says in their website.

With an active and growing network, Reed is attempting to make it easy for women to meet mentors outside their organization, mentors who will offer a neutral and objective shoulder for the mentees. This helps reduce the feelings of isolation that women, who are a minority in tech, often experience in an industry that is filled with ‘bro culture.’ Mentees also get people who help build their confidence and actively support them in their progress to their long-term career goals.

As for mentors, they also get to build the confidence of other women, share their experiences and help build their skills. But also, it helps them build their network.

If you are interested in joining Reed, you can register your interest here.

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